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Only if we respect nature, then it will provide us with the riches from which, with our passion and professionalism, we can produce our outstanding wines.

Giuseppe Basta

I was born and raised in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards. This is the origin of my passion for the science and study of wine and winemaking.
As a child, I never missed the opportunity to run into the cellar to watch what was, for me, a magic show: fragrances, colours, the continuous transformation of the wine were what made that place special, fostering the awareness of the path I wanted to take. Today I have the satisfaction of having achieved my goal of combining passion and work, one that I have subconsciously pursued since childhood.

I love our land and I have full respect for nature. This principle is shared by our enterprise, which was founded on the principle of cultivating the land in accordance with its cycles and seasons. Only in this way will nature repay us with fruits of great quality. This is how we achieve an excellent product: a unique wine, worthy and representative of this land.
Love and respect for the land has always been at the heart of our “family”.

Barbara Coppi

When I first saw this place, in the shade of an oak tree, I had no idea yet that I could combine work and passion.
Today, under the same oak tree, my gaze can sweep over a stunning landscape, one in which the vision of our enterprise has come to life, planned with utmost respect for the land into which it has seamlessly integrated.

Sometimes passions wait for the right moment to express themselves. This is how it happened to me: I wanted to give spirit to what at first simply seemed an emotion, nurturing and educating my passion. I believe that everyone can discover a little of the agronomist, winemaker or sommelier in themselves: we want to demonstrate that such passions can create great opportunities.
Water, light, wind and earth: I truly believe that if these elements are balanced, then our vines and olive trees also find their balance, with only a little effort on our part.

Alessandro Fonseca

When I first walked along the path that leads to our winery, I had the sensation of being in a place that is deeply rooted in history.
Everything was intact; the uncultivated land lay in an exceptional setting. A fortunate combination of events allowed me to develop the agronomic and viticultural project of our winery from the very beginning. Today, I am just as passionate about this venture as I was on the very first day.

My family has contained agronomists and winemakers down the generations. People have always felt the desire to experiment with new techniques, explore new fields and expand their horizons. A gust of wind, a stone, a clod of earth, a vine, an olive tree, an ear of corn, a spring: finding new solutions simply requires us to observe natural processes. Our task is to cultivate our plants in the simplest way possible, paying attention to the rhythms of nature and working with its actions and interactions. Organic farming methods confirm that when water, wind, light and soil are in balance, as they are in the area where our vineyards and olive groves grow, just a few human interventions are necessary for the vines and olive trees to find their own equilibrium.
Our goal is a wine that reflects the characteristics of the land, its climate, its soil, our knowledge and traditions.

Matteo Giustiniani

An unbroken thread runs through our philosophy from the vineyard to the winery, where we apply the same principles and love to produce organic wines that reflect their terroir.
The specific character of the area, and knowledge and traditions that are the result of years of experience of Tuscan winemaking.

I was born into a family of Tuscan winemakers, trained in Bordeaux and I’m working as enologist for two important biodynamic and organic farms in Tuscany. For several years now I have helped develop this young estate in the heart of Tuscany in one of the world’s most beautiful and impressive areas, the Val d’Orcia.

Sangiovese is the main grape variety grown here: it matures slowly, producing excellent results with an aromatic bouquet of ripe cherries and violets. The red wines additionally benefit from the typical sweet spices of the Sangiovese grapes of southern Tuscany, aged in wooden casks. The investment made in both vineyard and cellar permits meticulous attention and full respect for quality, with highly encouraging results...
Passion is fundamental for successful winegrowing and the production of excellent wines. But we need to add preparation, research, commitment, determination and experience: all these features are united in a team that shares the same passion and goals.

Famiglia Sanoner

We felt in love with this place on an autumn day: a few hectares suspended between the medieval castle of Vignoni Alto and the valley of the River Orcia, perched on the rolling hills of Bagno Vignoni above our Hotel ADLER THERMAE.
It was the year 2007 and we, being in the family hotel business for over 200 years and six generations, had no hesitation because over the years we have always fostered a strong appreciation for special places. Those places that win you over from the very first moment, touching your heart and conveying a sense of peace and well-being. This was one of those places.

Three hectares of farmland, ideal for vineyards. Why not? The first one was planted in 2009 almost as a hobby, simply because we love nature. We became immediately aware that good will and a little free time would not be enough to successfully tend a vineyard or produce excellent wine. Passion is fundamental, but it is not enough: preparation, research, commitment, determination and experience are also required. Professionalism is needed. We required people with these qualities who shared our passions and our goals. We found the right people and, together with them, we have undertaken the challenging but exciting path towards a winery with high professional standards, a respectful awareness and attention to the land and the rhythms of nature, and dedication to organic and (where possible) biodynamic winegrowing and production.

Today the Tenuta Sanoner estate extends over 30 hectares of olive groves and vineyards. The latter are concentrated on 12 hectares that boast excellent conditions for the cultivation of grapes. We will seed the vines step by step, year after year, with the aim of producing outstanding organic wines that reflect the land of their origin. The first results are very encouraging.