The cellar of Tenuta Sanoner winery

Our winery is intended primarily to produce wines of excellence. Advanced and automated technologies allow for highly professional and skilled processes.
The winery is also designed to be visited, however. The visual connection between the various spaces and the modern architecture, both harmonious and elegant, permit our guests to share in the production cycle.
In addition, its unique location makes our winery the perfect place to enjoy a glass of fine wine while experiencing a truly unrivalled landscape.

The right moment

We constantly monitor the grapes for ripeness and harvest them at just the right moment. For rosé and sparkling wines, the best time is when the balance of sugar, acidity and aroma is reached; for red wines, it is when the seeds and skins are ripe. The grapes are harvested and selected by hand on special sorting tables, before and after being pressed and the stems removed. The grapes are then introduced whole, by means of gravity, into special concrete vats to begin a process of maceration that will last some 25 days, 8-10 days of which involve alcoholic fermentation.

Cutting-edge winemaking

The winery processes use the force of gravity, adopting innovative methods of winemaking and using only the techniques permitted under EU organic regulations. Modern features and technological systems are designed to optimise climate management in the winery and monitor the temperatures in the tanks. The red wines are produced in cone-shaped concrete vats, into which the grapes are introduced by means of gravity.

Rest and maturation

After the malolactic fermentation, the red wine is decanted into barriques, kegs and small 10-15 hl casks made of oak in order to rest, develop and age.
We purchase wood from various manufacturers in France and Austria in order to find the best balance for our wines, combining the produce of different vineyards with different woods. The aging process in oak casks ranges from 12 to 24 months in a natural environment with controlled temperature and humidity.

“Panoramic” tasting

It is our pleasure to offer you our products. Our winery lets you experience them in a unique setting, either in the elegant tasting room or on the panoramic terrace, shaded by towering oak trees and overlooking the gentle landscape of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.