Harvest 2016

The 2016 harvest has been successfully concluded

The 2016 harvest has been successfully concluded and the fermentation process is already in full swing in the concrete tanks. This year’s harvest took place on four different occasions: four unforgettable, arduous yet very satisfying days, with some fifteen harvest hands hard at work on each of them, including the Sanoner family themselves and staff from the Hotel ADLER THERMAE.

On 31 August, the grapes were picked for our Rosé Aetos Sangiovese Sparkling, which this year is being produced for the first time using the champagne method of bottle fermentation. Grapes that seemed to show an ideal degree of ripening for sparkling wine production were carefully selected from the vineyard for this at an early stage.
Similarly, on 12 September, less-ripe grapes from different vine areas were carefully picked for the Aetos Rosé Bio 2016.

This selective early harvesting for the Rosé and Sparkling Rosé wines allowed us to target suitable grapes on the one hand while “relieving” the vines on the other, which had a positive effect on the ripening of the remaining Sangiovese grapes. During the final weeks, the vines were therefore able to focus all their strength on developing the grapes for our red wines.
While the recurring bad weather of spring 2016 was not ideal for the ripening of Sangiovese grapes in the Orcia area, a wonderful September, with its warm days and cool nights, more than made up for this initial setback. We can therefore say in all confidence that the 2016 vintage will give wine-lovers an excellent Sangiovese red to look forward to!

Red grapes from the Tenuta Sanoner estate were harvested on two different dates with an interval of one week, on 30 September and 5 October: two beautifully warm, sunny days. These two different times were chosen to permit optimum ripening in the various locations, taking account of the sun’s alignment and the wind conditions. Some 87 quintals of red wine grapes were picked over these two days, a total that corresponds to around 58 hectolitres of wine. The provisional alcohol content is an ideal 14.5 percent.

After destemming and sorting, the grapes were this year brought into the new, recently finished wine cellar for the first time, where they were placed undamaged (i. e. as whole berries) into the fermentation tanks, made of special French concrete, by gravity from above. For our young winery, this is another important step towards absolute production process quality.

The fermentation process is already well under way and we are looking forward to the next stages in making an excellent Aetos Orcia Sangiovese DOC 2016 which, after aging for at least twelve months in wooden barrels followed by several months in the bottle, is due to appear in spring 2018.

The Sanoner family

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