Aetos Agrodolce Riserva

Aetos Agrodolce Riserva
In 2018, once again we set out on a new adventure with the aim to make the most of the varied potential of our grapes. This year’s endeavour comes in the guise of a tasty condiment – the Aetos Agrodolce Riserva vinegar.
Again, the star role is played by Sangiovese wine from the Tenuta Sanoner, our Tuscan winery nestled among the undulating hills of the Val d’Orcia.

It all starts in the winery cellar, where the grapes are vinified to produce Sangiovese.
For the acetification stage the wine is then sent to our trusted artisan vinegar farmhouse in Modena – the town of the eponymous balsamic vinegar.
There the classic vinegar (“aceto forte”) originating from acetification of our quality wine is mixed with cooked grape must and traditional balsamic vinegar no less than 12/20 years old, coming from barrels made of different types of fine wood – chestnut, cherry, oak – each imparting its own distinctive note to the bouquet.
The mixture is then stored in a battery of three ancient mulberry wood barrels (90 – 120 - 160 litres) for long periods of maturation, whereby it progressively acquires different levels of density and acidity.
After this stage, the mixture is blended in two Slavonian oak barrels (225 -150 litres) that are reserved solely for the Tenuta Sanoner winery.
Aetos Agrodolce Riserva is finally bottled and made available for consumption.

Our Agrodolce vinegar is entirely free of additives and flavourings. The only thing we add is a small quantity of forest honeydew from Tuscan beekeepers – a precious ingredient obtained from tree leaves that reduces the vinegar’s acidic taste.

A delectable elixir

Bittersweet vinegar is as delicious as it is versatile. A few drops are enough to refine any dish, from starters to desserts. It is traditionally used in Tuscany to enhance red meat like Chianina steak, bring out the rustic flavours of sheep’s cheeses or to dress salads, sauces, soups, fruit salads, ice cream and desserts.

This fine culinary product is, however, more than just a condiment. It is also an effective natural remedy offering a host of health benefits, thanks to its high content in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, as well as antioxidants such as grape polyphenols. Bittersweet vinegar has considerable anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates digestion and slows down ageing processes promoting long-term health.

From October 2018, Aetos Agrodolce Riserva vinegar will be available for purchase at all ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges, as well as from our online store and – naturally – at the Tenuta Sanoner winery.
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