Our History

The adventure of Tenuta Sanoner began in 2009 when the Sanoner Family, hoteliers for seven generations, acquired a piece of land on the hill of Bagno Vignoni. A few hectares suspended between the medieval fortress of Vignoni Alto and the Orcia River valley, nestled on the gentle slopes of Bagno Vignoni, in Val d'Orcia, host the Tenuta Sanoner.

Starting with a dream and just 2 hectares of vineyards, our vineyard in Tuscany expanded over the years to its current 13 hectares of vineyards. In 2016, the decision was made to build a state-of-the-art cellar.

Biodynamic Agriculture

Our agricultural philosophy is based on the scientific-spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner, the creator of anthroposophy. In biodynamic agriculture, we recognize that life is a constantly evolving process.

At our vineyard in Italy, we use this practical knowledge to sow, cultivate, and harvest in harmony with the cosmic forces active at each moment.

Biodynamic agriculture is founded on the concept of a unified agricultural cycle, where the land, plants, animals, and humans collaborate synergistically.

We follow the fundamental principle of considering the farm as a complete organism, where every part, from plant production to animal husbandry, is closely interconnected.

In 2020, Tenuta Sanoner was awarded with the DEMETER certification: our wines are cultivated by integrating biodynamic methods.

Innovative & Fascinating

Sleek and modern architecture with innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, a touch of elegance, and a spectacular panoramic position. Ideal for visits and tastings.

When we decided to build a cellar, we thought long and hard.

The gentle slope overlooking the Val d'Orcia suggested an underground construction that allows for natural fall vinification processes and state-of-the-art processing techniques.

Sanoner Family

We fell in love with this place on an autumn day: a few hectares suspended between the medieval castle of Vignoni Alto and the valley of the River Orcia, perched on the rolling hills of Bagno Vignoni above our hotel ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE .It was the year 2007 and we, being in the family hotel business for over 200 years and seventh generations, had no hesitation because over the years we have always fostered a strong appreciation for special places. Those places that win you over from the very first moment, touching your heart and conveying a sense of peace and well-being. This was one of those places.

Three hectares of farmland, ideal for vineyards. Why not? The first one was planted in 2009 almost as a hobby, simply because we love nature. We became immediately aware that good will and a little free time would not be enough to successfully tend a vineyard or produce excellent wine. Passion is fundamental, but it is not enough: preparation, research, commitment, determination and experience are also required.

Professionalism is needed. We required people with these qualities who shared our passions and our goals. We found the right people and, together with them, we have undertaken the challenging but exciting path towards a winery with high professional standards, a respectful awareness and attention to the land and the rhythms of nature, and dedication to organic and (where possible) biodynamic winegrowing and production.

Today the Tenuta Sanoner estate extends over 30 hectares of olive groves and vineyards. The latter are concentrated on 12 hectares that boast excellent conditions for the cultivation of grapes. We will seed the vines step by step, year after year, with the aim of producing outstanding organic wines that reflect the land of their origin. The first results are very encouraging.