Aetos Bianco IGT Toscana Greco

Aetos Bianco IGT Toscana Greco
"White wines may be the lesser-known side of our local wine tradition, but their cultivation goes back a thousand years, and the experience they offer lacks nothing when compared with the more famous reds.

So, in 2017 we came up with the idea of planting a new vineyard at the highest point of the Tenuta Sanoner estate. Considering the favourable altitude of about 480 metres, the north-east exposure and the good soil quality, we opted for Greco grapes. In choosing this aromatic, markedly fresh variety, the Sanoners were perhaps influenced by their own homeland – South Tyrol is renowned for its scented white wines.

Greco is an ancient variety – presumably of Greek origin, as the name suggests. Based on historical documents, its introduction into the Tuscan agricultural landscape dates back to Etruscan times. Its dainty, cone-shaped grape bunches produce a straw-coloured wine with fruity notes and a moderate alcohol content.

For the cultivation of Greco we have chosen a planting pattern of 2.3 x 0.90 metres, with an average of 4,830 plants per hectare – a homogeneous distribution with a limited density that allows every single plant to enjoy the right amount of sunlight, soil nutrients and water. The harvest is relatively late for a white wine, taking place between the end of September and the first weeks of October.

We had our first harvest in autumn 2020, happily coinciding with the harvest of our first grapes from biodynamic cultivation. These are certified by the Demeter quality seal, which attests to the quality of both the grapes and the winemaking process. Demeter associates are winegrowers committed to creating and preserving a natural balance in their vineyards and minimising interventions in the cellar. The result is a product born of the respect for nature and its cycles.

In a few days, the first 1,600 bottles of Aetos Bianco Toscana Greco will be ready for sale. The youngest member of the Aetos family is a product of experimental vinification – i.e. small-scale winemaking that gives excellent results right from the start – and already exhibits a decidedly interesting aroma bouquet. It has a very low sulphur content as well as a relatively high acidity that cleanses the palate and lends this wine a lighter, more elegant character.

Aetos Bianco Toscana Greco gives its best with fish dishes, white meats with sides of seasonal vegetables, soft cheeses and summer dishes in general. This is the perfect choice for those who appreciate fresh, sapid white wines that are easy to drink and not too full-bodied.

Giuseppe Basta
Head of winemaking at the Tenuta Sanoner estate"
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