Aetos Grappa Sangiovese Riserva

Aetos Grappa di Sangiovese
... and Chianina sliced steak can only be rounded off by a fine distillate that invigorates the body and mind.

Dear friends, dear gourmets: It is our pleasure today to introduce Aetos Grappa Sangiovese Riserva, the latest addition to our wide range of premium products by Tenuta Sanoner. This prestigious, genuine new distillate stems from the careful selection of ingredients and a combination of respect for traditional processing methods and cutting-edge quality control systems.

Which distinctive features make our grappa so special?

Aetos Grappa Riserva is distilled from the pomace of Sangiovese – a flagship grape of the Tuscan oenological tradition – which we cultivate according to biodynamic farming methods.

The discontinuous distillation method, which requires two cycles of distillation, enables us to obtain an artisanal product of superior quality compared to the industrial continuous method. Fresh pomace is pressed gently then, still impregnated by the aromas of vinification, delivered to the Bonollo distillery in Torrita di Siena, where it undergoes expert examination before the master distiller goes ahead with the process. The first cycle of distillation, in which ethanol and water are separated, is followed by a second cycle in which head and tail fractions are discarded.

Another decisive element that contributes to taste and aroma is the ageing process in Slovenian oak casks, where the new grappa is left to rest for 18 months, closely monitored by experts, to finally achieve its “Riserva” designation. It’s during this slow ageing process that the grappa builds its distinctive character and pleasant spicy notes, and its colour changes from white to golden.

Once the ageing process is completed, the grappa is transferred into steel tanks where it undergoes artisanal refinement and stabilising processes.

The final result is a distillate with a golden, bright hue and absolute transparency that evokes the characteristic aromas of Sangiovese with pleasant notes of flowers, red fruit and spicy wood. Harmonious to the palate, it exhibits a strong but pleasant character.

The perfect digestif after a meal, it is best served in tulip-shaped glasses that highlight its sensorial properties. Lately grappa has also gained momentum as a popular ingredient in cocktails and long drinks, with its flavour and character lending a special something to the most fanciful creations.

To your health!

Barbara Coppi
Sales Manager - Tenuta Sanoner


Bottles produced: 1,412 – Alcohol content: 43% VOL – Serving temperature: 17° C
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