WineHunter Award 2018

WineHunter Award 2018
The WineHunter is a yearly award given to wines of premium quality and outstanding local character. More than 5,000 wine samples, including our wines from the Tenuta Sanoner, were examined for the 2018 edition of the award.
Wines were tasted and evaluated by nine different commissions formed by oenologists, sommeliers and other professionals of the field with long-standing experience and undisputed competence and professionalism to guarantee maximum credibility and fairness in the awarding of the prize. The WineHunter commissions examined each wine considering all aspects, from its organoleptic characteristics, like appearance, flavour and taste, to the harmonious interplay of its components and its evolution potential.

All wines from the Tenuta Sanoner winery are produced with passionate commitment following the regulations and principles of biodynamic cultivation. Century-long tradition and cutting-edge winemaking technologies meet in each bottle to deliver the distinctive character of the Val d’Orcia valley’s fertile soil and mild climate.

We are proud to announce the three Tenuta Sanoner wines that received the prestigious WineHunter Award Rosso:

- Aetos Sparkling Rosé Brut 2017
- Aetos Orcia Sangiovese DOC 2016
- Aetos Orcia Sangiovese Riserva DOC 2015
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