Different faces and roles, common passions and goals: we are united in our love of nature, commitment, and determination to produce exceptional and outstanding products.

Meet the team of our winery in Tuscany, Italy.

Giuseppe Basta


I was born and raised in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards.

Today, I have the privilege of combining passion and work, one that I have subconsciously pursued since childhood. I love our land and I have full respect for nature.

This idea is shared by our enterprise, which was founded on the principle of cultivating the land in accordance with its cycles and seasons. Only in this way will nature repay us with fruits of great quality. This is how we achieve an excellent product: a unique wine, worthy and representative of this land.

Barbara Coppi


When I first saw this place, sitting in the shade of an oak tree, I had no idea that this was to be where my passion and my career would blend.

As I sit under the same oak tree today, my gaze wanders over the fabulous landscape.

This is where our company came to life, a project that I have shared in and contributed to since the very beginning. Sometimes, the passion and desire to build something together are there, and all it takes to give them shape is the right opportunity.

Giada Savelli


Where I am today, I owe to my grandfather. He devoted his life to his small farm in Val d’Orcia, and he passed onto me the ancient knowledge shared by those who work the field.

So I decided to work in hospitality: offering wine tastings and guided tours of the wine cellars is the perfect job for me, as I love to share my passion with other people and accompany them on an experiential discovery journey into the flavours, colours and scents of my homeland.

Giulia Ferretti


I grew up in this wonderful area that amazes me every day.

In my role as receptionist and sommelier, I have the chance to introduce people to our philosophy and production methods, but more importantly to the diversity and authentic flavour of our products.

Visiting our estate and participating in a wine tasting is a way to dive into the very soul of this slice of paradise that is Val d’Orcia.