Born of love, grown with passion

The young Tenuta Sanoner winery has chosen the rolling Tuscan hills and a panoramic view of extraordinarily breathtaking beauty
to start his fascinating project.

Biological and biodynamic agriculture

We grow fine wines nourished by hilly terrain with optimal exposure, caressed by a gentle breeze. We achieve this by following biodynamic farming principles, limiting the use of even permitted chemicals and focusing intensely on grape quality and meticulous vinification. This is our vision of wine.
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Our winery

We use cutting-edge methods of winemaking and viticulture, in full harmony with the rhythms of nature. Our winery is a modern, innovative architectural gem that uses advanced winemaking techniques. Boasting exceptional panoramic views, it is open to and welcomes visitors.
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Respect for the land and utmost care in the cellar

The soil is a living organism that lies in the focus of our attention. We follow the cycles of nature and the rhythm of the seasons, a philosophy that we adopt in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Our aim is to produce organic wines that respect and express the qualities of the land.

Wine and olive oil from the heart of Tuscany

Our vineyards mainly produce the Sangiovese grape and our wine proudly bears the unique character of this Tuscan varietal: authenticity, elegance and refinement that translates into an exceptional drinkability.

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The Tenuta Sanoner winery is an architectural gem situated in an extraordinarily beautiful location with panoramic views
of the lovely Orcia river valley.

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