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Tenuta Sanoner

Aetos Brandy Single Oak

Aetos Brandy Single Oak

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 brandy obtained from Tenuta Sanoner wines, enriched with mountain water from the Dolomites and stored at 1000 metres above sea level.

Its quality is determined both by our wines made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, produced entirely by certified organic viticulture, and our different distillation procedures.

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Our partner, Florian Plun, of the Zu Plun distillery, has combined his many years of experience with refined distillation techniques.  With the intuition of an artisan, the expert distiller has attempted to completely transfer the bouquet and flavour characterising the Tenuta Sanoner wines to the Aetos Single Oak.The essence obtained from the second distillation process, called the “heart” as it contains the best properties, is the one destined to become the Aetos Single Oak. After distillation, the liqueur is left to mature in small size 1 Aetos barrels, until it has acquired its distinctive bouquet. The oak of the barrels that has been left to season for many years is particularly permeable to air. This enables the distillate to breathe and mature perfectly in contact with the fresh mountain air.
Bouquet: the nose reveals an elegant fruity Sangiovese, well integrated with light toasted notes and leather. In the mouth shows a great complexity with hints of dried fruit, sultanas with a fresh and dry finish.

  • Alcohol content: 42%
  • Bottles produced: 400

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