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Tenuta Sanoner

Aetos Grappa

Aetos Grappa

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Elegant, fruity and graceful with spicy wood notes. A handcrafted product of superior quality thanks to the use of the discontinuous distiller that follows the principles of biodynamics.

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  • Maturation: in oak wood for at least 18 months.
  • Alcohol content:43% vol.
  • Visual aspect: golden hue, perfectly transparent.
  • Bouquet: graceful and noble, with spicy wood notes due to the long ageing,
    as well as very pleasant floral-fruity notes.
  • Taste:harmonious.
  • Retro olfactory perception: the elegant, fruity notes can be felt in the grappa until the end. Including a delicate aroma of violets.
  • Serving temperature: 17°C

    Recommended glass: medium-sized crystal tulip.

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